Phase One and Two Environmental Assessments

Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services has completed over a thousand Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Our turnaround time is generally quick, affordable and seamless.

What is a Phase I Environmental Assessment?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a non-intrusive investigation of a property which is used to identify actual and potential sources of environmental contamination if present and is intended to evaluate the environmental condition of a site and/or structures. This includes a physical site inspection, a review of aerial photos, a compilation of variety of searches for wells, petroleum tanks, waste management and fire insurance maps, historical photos and permits and interview with owners/occupants. Conditions permitting, we may also take our own aerial property photos with our drones.

With this information, the investigation will make a recommendation based on the actual or potential risk or environmental liability of the property. The report will summarize the current/historical activities at the site and/or adjacent sites. It results in a reduction of the uncertainty of potential environmental liabilities that may be on the property.

Why do I need a Phase I Environmental Assessment?

  • A Bank or Financial Institution has requested a Phase I ESA be completed to minimize the risk of a property that is being financed
  • A potential buyer has requested a Phase I ESA be completed as part of the due diligence process of a potential purchase of property
  • A parcel of land is being rezoned and the local municipality requires a Phase I Environmental Assessment as part of the rezoning process

Most municipalities require that all land transactions (transfer of title, new development, building addition, etc.) have a relevant Phase I ESA of the subject property completed within the last 2 years.

On occasion a Phase I ESA can lead to a Phase II ESA. A Phase II Environmental Assessment is an intrusive study to test soil and groundwater on the property for possible contamination based on a standard set of criteria.

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