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A Basic Starting Point

Building Energy Assessment

The logical place to begin an assessment of the energy requirements of a building is to take stock. This involves a careful analysis of the energy being used to operate this building. To do this, our company, SustainErgy, first reviews the utility bills to determine power usage. Then, we compare the energy use in this building to other buildings of similar size. We examine how the energy needs change seasonally. We compare the present year’s energy costs to those of previous years. We analyze what this data tells us about the building being assessed.

After this preliminary energy analysis is completed, SustainErgy goes on a facility walk-through. We discuss energy use and special challenges of the energy-consuming systems with those in charge of the site operation. This discussion should provide sufficient data to elaborate an energy balance reconciled with sub-metering data; resulting in cost-cutting plans and energy conservation plans. The identification of operation and maintenance (O&M) problems is also a valuable advantage that can result from a facility survey.

We create a list of necessary energy-based improvements that constitute capital expenses. The focus is on those changes that will almost certainly result in energy savings. The energy assessment will help building owners of single or multiple units put needed changes into priority.

Community Energy Plans

How much energy is your facility using? Is your company energy efficient?


Scoping Audit

A Scoping Audit can help explore the opportunity for energy savings.


Engineering Study

An Engineering Study is a comprehensive and detailed energy evaluation.


Interested in more in-depth energy calculations?

Detailed Energy Audit

A Detailed Energy Audit involves all facets of an Energy Assessment. This includes a walk-through of the building. In addition, as the name suggests, a Detailed Energy Audit is comprised of more than the initial inspection and the walk-through. It also includes more in-depth energy calculations. A Detailed Energy Audit also looks at the costs involved in those proposed improvements that were pinpointed as legitimate Energy Conservation Measures (ECM). A Detailed Energy Audit is an investment grade audit. Included is an assessment of the building envelope, the heating-cooling system, the lighting system, the hot water heating system, process energy expenditure, and plug loads.

With this data, SustainErgy then prepares an Energy Conservation Measures presentation. Included is a look at process energy requirements. During this extensive audit, practical energy conservation suggestions are proposed. These are further elaborated upon and analyzed. The result is a list including operating cost reductions and capital expenditure requirements.

A Detailed Energy Audit may also make use of energy modeling software as part of the process. The audit could also include the systems that are being targeted, logged, and scrutinized. Whether these tools are employed depends on the ultimate audit goals.

Is Your Home As Efficient As It Could Be?

Home Energy Evaluation

SustainErgy is licensed to provide NRCan Service. We can assess your home and provide EnerGuide Rating System Version 15 Home Energy Evaluations. Our qualified, knowledgeable, certified energy evaluation experts will come to your home to do an extensive assessment of your residence. We can create a plan to show you the energy use of your building.

Our Home Energy Evaluation will include an extensive report including a standardized energy use score. Based on our findings, we will advise you on what home improvements will improve the efficiency, the cost, and the comfort of your home’s energy.

Part of the Home Energy Evaluation may include a formal label attached to the report. This creates a visual image of your home’s standardized rating. This tool can be utilized when your goal is to increase home energy efficiency.

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