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Do you know what energy conservation measures are available to you?

What Is A Scoping Audit?

A Scoping Audit, also known as Energy Audit Level I, is a high-level energy study that looks at what energy conservation measures (ECMs) could be potentially implemented to systems, equipment, methods, and operations of your facility. A Scoping Audit is part of the Custom Energy Solutions (CES) program promoted by Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA).

Due to its low-cost, minimal disruption of operations, and simple execution, a Scoping Audit is a highly attractive option for any facility interested in an initial energy assessment of its operations. A Scoping Audit can help explore the opportunity for energy savings for your business and make decisions about whether to move forward on energy saving projects and GHG reduction, based on operation and financial importance.

A Scoping Audit is suitable as an energy audit for smaller organizations or facilities or as a preliminary step before proceeding to more advanced CES alternatives, such as Engineering Studies or RCx investigations for larger organizations. However, independent of the size of your organization, a Scoping Audit addresses directly the following business needs:

  • Identifies areas of interest for energy management.
  • Develop consciousness of energy expenses.
  • Recognize the tangible value of implementing an energy management philosophy.
  • Categorizes potential ECMs and associated benefits.
  • Presents the advantages of undertaking more extensive energy studies.


How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for the incentives associated with a Scoping Audit the facility must be over five years old. It is only necessary to present an itemized fee proposal prepared by an EEA-approved CES Program ally. Once approved, the ally can proceed to conduct the Scoping Audit in the facility or areas of the facility identified in the proposal.

The eligibility criteria for the Scoping Audit incentive funding is as follows:

Facility's Existing Carbon FootprintMaximum Scoping Audit IncentiveMinimum GHG Savings Requirement
< 10,000 tCO2e$4,0005% of existing carbon footprint
> 10,000 tCO2e$8,0005% of existing carbon footprint

The incentive will cover the total cost of the Scoping Audit up to a total of $8,000.00 if minimum standards are met. 50% of the incentive funding is subject to identifying ECMs that lead to the minimum GHG saving requirements listed, a minimum of 5% reduction from current operating levels.

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